Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sounding Out! Catching Up. . .

I have not updated this blog in quite a while, but nor because I have stopped listening to music (or in some cases even writing about it).

For example, I am now a regular contributor to Sounding Out!, "a [b]log [that] provides an outlet for ruminations on the role of sound and listening in our contemporary culture." So while I am not always writing about music for this blog, music does come into it.

For example, I wrote the popular, but much-maligned "In Defense of Auto-tune," and a reflection on one of my least favorite songs, entitled "Ain't Got the Same Soul."

I hope to be writing a piece for next Halloween on Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and black sexuality, but before then I have to write to other posts, and probably one will be about music.

In addition, I have been tweeting about my "AlphaiPod" project, in which on my commute I listen to the contents of my iPod in alphabetical order by album title. I noticed that I tended to listen to the same sets of albums depending on my mood, but there was music languishing on my iPod that I hardly (if ever) listen to. So I made myself listen from the beginning and hear what was really on there. Some folks have asked me, "Why alphabetical by album and not artist?" Who wants to have to force themselves to listen to every album by a particular artist? Because of the way I am listening (while driving) that could mean days or even weeks of the same artist with no break. I am not sure I could handle that for most artists.

And yet, my next planned project is just that: I plan to listen to every Prince studio album in the order they were released.

Anyway, if you use Twitter be sure to follow me:!/commutemusic

I hope to add some more posts to this blog over the coming winter break, but at the very least I should be posting links to my music-related posts to Sounding Out!

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